Prison Reform USA is an organization based out of Atlanta, Georgia. It was created by Amy Valeed in 2014. After her cousin was unfairly imprisoned for distribution of cocaine, she got to know the American prison system very well. She started to see all of the injustices involved with the prison system in the USA, and she formed this organization.

Here on this website, we will post news about prison reform within the United States as well as personal stories and testimonials.

We believe very strongly that the prison system of America needs to be reformed. We believe drugs need to be decriminalized so that those who suffer from addiction can get the help they need as treatment of the disease as opposed to being punished in a criminal context.

We believe that those who are imprisoned need to be treated fairly, and we believe that a prison sentence should not be a form of slavery. We believe there should be more opportunities for prisoners to recover and rebuild their lives, and we believe it should be easier for prisoners to rejoin society after they are released.

If you have any questions or suggestions for us or you would like to share your story, please visit our contact page.